How to organize your job search

job searchWhether you seek our first job as if we return to employment after a layoff, a foundation for success in this quest is to devise a method of planning before launching the search for the coveted post.

To design such planning and that our quest to be successful we must pay attention to the following:

Make a schedule: It is important, because that way we will not stop searching for that we can have some free time left after all obligations of the day. The best thing is to spend time in the morning, when companies post their job offers. Thus, we ensure that our bid is one of the first.

Identify the job characteristics we look for: While we should not close any door, is good to start by determining which sector we want to work, what companies want to target our requests and what position we want. If after a while put in a position not as specific as we can broaden the search.

Organize methods for finding employment: Today we have access to many websites which collect jobs, social networks, newspapers, etc.. We select what we will use and organize, so do not forget to none and our search does not become chaotic.

Writing multiple resumes and cover letters if we elect to positions of different nature. It’s good to be updated as the models of both documents to never send a resume with which we get our first job, although to date.

Keeping track of job applications: We can create an Excel spreadsheet that helps us to be organized and given the companies and positions that we requested. We also provide information on where there is a chance to get to the interview and where not possible.

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