How to offer a job that nobody wants

offer jobEveryone wants to have a job. However, some jobs are turned up by the unemployed. It is difficult to convince someone to accept an unpleasant or stressful work, but even harder is to get that person to remain in that position for long. However, it should mean that jobs that nobody wants may also require highly skilled or well-paid, precisely because there is no demand for them.

It is important to be well in our work, so that in no circumstances become a punishment. Despite that, some jobs are a real conviction in life. But someone has to make. The issue is how to motivate someone who gets up every day to develop an activity that does not provide any professional stimulation, unpleasant, too hard or boring.

When we imagine the worst jobs in the world, we can think of some that just do not require professional qualifications, which can make the silliest, which may be dangers that are underpaid or that can make even the most incompetent. It is clear that this type of work are socially not well regarded, it directly converts objectionable.

But there are also lousy jobs involving highly qualified or are paid more than decent. The key is finding the balance between the professional profile, personal development and motivation. We should never deceive the likely candidate if we know that there are difficulties in employment to be covered. It is better to warn of what is going to find and that if he accepts, assume the risks involved.

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