How to manage your contacts in job search

jobsMany people now have managed to find a job through contacts. Many companies, instead of publishing their applications for employment, encourage their employees to nominate a view to possible recruitment. The fact that a worker who is talking about us the company inform us of a vacancy or we propose to him, is certainly a point in our favor when it comes to overcoming the selection process.

It is therefore necessary both know how to manage our network and get to know them we are looking for a job, and at all times we must avoid an attitude manipulative or victimization in order to obtain good results.

It is very important to let them know positively.

Although being unemployed is not a nice situation if we take some time and we may be a bit hopeless, talk the result will give us more proactive and positive way, talking about our activities during unemployment. Thus our image will be much more positive face of a possible contact.

When speaking of the position you would like to play, do not just say “anyone” and that this response provides no information about your qualifications and your expectations. Without extend yourself too much, talks about the places you played, your skills, your expectations, and so on.

You say you’re willing to change or vary depending on industry needs, but always make it known and enforced. Although the people I talk are your friends, you must show your abilities, because in time you will appreciate eses from the professional point of view. This should even have it in mind when talking with acquaintances or contacts provided by others.

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