How to make better use of your Gmail account

gmail_2Gmail is NO doubt one of the email platform most used in the world, either by the endorsement of belonging to Google, for its various functions or be one that offers the user more. We’ve compiled some tips and tricks that will serve to make better use of your account.

The tags

When we keep email secure an important place it in a designated folder, but can be very generic. Instead labels help us be more specific, which is why we should use the option to label emails that will be easier to save and search your future, yes as when looking through a mobile device.

The star

This is one of the most interesting and unique options for Gmail, which do not have such It is that star to select a message as “outstanding”, the yellow star that allows us to highlight an important post.

Integration with Google Drive and Google Photos

Gmail like most email platforms offers a storage space (15 GB, plus 2 more if security settings are performed), but also gives us the option to integrate with cloud Google Drive and Google Photos, so if you lose your email do not waste your important information.

Inbox settings

Gmail gives you the option to configure your inbox, so you can choose where to put the tabs, you also have the option to choose colors and even a theme. Just enter your email address will be a better experience.


If you’re traveling or do not have time to check your emails par, Gmail gives you the option to create an automatic response, which will set the date to which you want to work, so do not worry at off.

Import contacts

Sure you have more than one email account on different platforms. Gmail gives you the option to import your contacts and other accounts other than Gmail. You must go to “Settings” and then “Accounts and Import”, and then follow simple directions. You can also ask for your phone integrating your account to your smartphone.

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