How to incubate future business within your current company

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Business incubators are a new alternative for entrepreneurs to start new enterprises starting from existing ones.

There is an interesting option for creating new businesses, and is currently due to the integration of various professions, there is what we call consultants, or companies that cover a wide spectrum of needs, among which stand out for marketing, accounting and design.

On the horizon of the economy, as well as the consultants came, so did the “Business Incubators,” which were born in the 1960 United States and which are institutions dedicated to accelerating the process of creating new businesses.

An incubator could be defined as the space where a new idea can stay and access the information needed to develop and evolve. In general, the incubators operate within universities and nonprofit work, but also exist as private companies.

Main function of incubators

  • Legal, economic and technical
  • Marketing Training
  • Consulting
  • Computer Advice
  • Access to computers
  • Parking spaces
  • Business management
  • Facilities

Incubators also encourage interaction between new businesses of various kinds, which are at different stages of growth. Incubators can provide assistance to both entrepreneurs as a consolidated company. Usually involved in the creation of a new business, through the use of proven success plans.

Plans business incubator

  • Pre-Incubation projects are presented with a detailed business plan
  • Incubation: Put up the project through contacts and services
  • Post-Incubation: It traces the growth of the company

According to a study by the Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla, Colombia, the companies that used Business Incubators, showed an increase in annual sales from $ 240 billion from 1991 to 1996.

The hiring of business incubators results in a considerable economic benefit, but also records some disadvantages such as losing a percentage of the incubator business or lose the support of capital.

This is an interesting alternative for growth for a company only needs to investigate, consult with professionals and be ready to decide.

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