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marketing planMarketing teams often experience antagonisms in the form of raised work, as vendors tend to focus on creativity, while managers plan and pay more attention to the production process, tangible results. However, you can implement strategies that unify these aspects and help to optimize both the planning and the results of campaigns.

David Green, director of Best Practices, marketing research firm, says that you can use repeatable processes, like manufacturing, which go beyond automation and can achieve continuous improvement, designing a framework for planning. Some elements that may seem obvious at first glance, but in practice are overlooked.

Analyze the behavior of the target market
B2B and industrial marketing is complicated because in many cases does not determine who your best customers, and why they differ from the rest. It is not simply to take a survey, but the need to analyze this sector as buyers of business and use the information to design the approach.

Define a target market
This process must describe both the target characteristics to identify people who make decisions and influence in the accounts. These ideal customer profile must represent markets where the company can win. This makes more sense to take many small margin accounts.

Green offers the following example: “Suppose that 80% of a company’s customers come from high-profile industries such as oil and pharmaceutical companies, and the remaining 20% is made up of smaller goals. In this situation, attention should focus on those that make up the largest share of market. “To avoid problems with the remaining actions are suggested as:

  • Define the ideal client characteristics in each market segment
  • Estimate the universe of accounts and contacts in the target market
  • Factors determining the target market preference for the method of contact
  • Design strategies according to the media

The method also applies to people within an organization, spending more money on those contacts to build relationships.

Estimating the number of accounts and contacts in the target market
The next step is to determine the universe of prospects for the organization that the company will aim for a specific campaign. For the purpose of the focus on market measurement and processing of new leads, B2B companies are divided into two groups:

  • Known: those in the marketing database and enter the target market definition
  • Unknown: from the media as advertising and magazines

Assessing competition
Not just once, you have to perform this task regularly to keep abreast of any developments or changes itself from these companies. Even knows the most important competitors, research from time to time can be detected by pop into the picture.

Do not forget the post-mortem analysis
It is common to skip a post-campaign review, before the rush to move to a new, due to race against the clock and the time limit, but it is very important for any organization. It is the ideal for marketers to assess the results and learn from the successes and failures, to repeat or delete strategies and optimize future campaigns. Everyone must submit its own report and findings with the following points: what worked and what did not?, why?, what needs to change?

Increase the capacity of planning strategies
The ultimate goal should focus on the use of opportunities for improving production and sales, give answers about how these opportunities should come from the marketing, and how much revenue should reflect the results. The answers will form the basis for evaluating the success of the campaign and the return on investment.

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