How to fire an employee

firedSurely the report to an employee who must leave the company is one of the hardest moments to face a boss, but it is certainly necessary for the good of the organization. It’s an unpleasant situation, since it means bad news for a person who has been part of a company to deal with this situation all we can do is prepare to be correct and polite as possible.

No manager for it deserved dismissal, it is customary to give such bad news. Just accept it and prepare adequately is to reduce the stress of the process. The important thing is that decision making becomes final. It should be noted that once the worker is reported there is no turning back, so you should not fire the first thing that comes to your head, it is vital to elect and be based on facts and that can be documented.

For the dismissal was not caught by surprise by an employee, must have made ??several calls for attention, explaining the professional is not doing their job or informing you that your level of performance is expected. Another important detail is that the statement should be personal and guarantee the confidentiality of the situation, so that coworkers can not intervene in the decision of the company.

The timing of firing is crucial. Do not say that phrase “you’re fired” because it is too hard and difficult to pronounce, there are several ways to express this message in different words. It also recommends that the presence of a human resources manager to report the conditions of the dismissal and their rights.

Although it is difficult to say, we need not beat about the bush, it’s best to be direct and short to prove a final decision. The employee should have no doubt as to whether the meeting is a warning or a dismissal, because this will further increase tension. We must explain to the employee can not continue working for the company and proceed to explain the reasons in detail but concisely, avoiding lengthy explanations. It is not good to enter into discussions or personal qualifications.

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