How to Cross Sell Effectively


One way to increase sales and profits is to offer other products or services. Other than the main item that you are selling, you can also cross-sell or offer a product or a service to customers and prospects that is tied to the performance of the product the customer is already buying from you. Take for example when you eat in a restaurant or a chain of fast food. It is not that the one who takes your order also gives you other products they sell, such as a side salad or a beef pie to go with your chicken burger? Or, when you buy a pair of shoes, the sales agent would also suggest a nice pair of socks to go with him.

According to recent studies, many customers actually appreciate being informed of additional items or services that would enable them to better meet their needs. In fact, customers recognize the value to place in your company and the type of customer service is offered when you care enough to meet and satisfy their needs and desires.

But when the sale goes through, first, you must consider that what you have to offer must be related to the product your customers are buying. In your advertising flyers for example, if you have a list of long-sleeved shirts, clothing company, it would certainly be appropriate for you to offer even a tie or maybe a cuff link. This means that your additional suggestions should be relevant to what they have already offered. Remember that your customers who are only interested to see if the value of your goods as something extra that would strengthen their experience with the product you have purchased from you.

Another way of being able to cross sell your products is to become an expert or a professional in your midst to recommend the other items. Often, the name and the fall testimonials can go a long way to get your customers interested in what you have to offer.

And if you want to get the technology moving smoothly, then it is better to have staff and workers who know how to cross sell. It all boils down to cross the principle that the sale is strengthened to give more service than to sell more stuff in your color flyers.

The key to remember is that the cross selling is to satisfy all your customers on ‘needs and desires. Rather than push to buy products or use other services in the leaflet of print ads, you might consider encouraging them with the benefits of your additional items to enhance your product value. When you see the additional product is worth, is expected to be far more voices in your advertising flyers’ list.

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