How a spy phone record all phone activities

Record all movements performed from a mobile phone is now very easy with mspy, the spy who puts truth exposed.

What is mspy to know How to spy a cell phone

To know How to spy a cell phone, first of all you need to know how the application that we will use.

We begin by reporting that mspy is an advanced software technology that allows access to an account from any computer and access to monitor any Smartphone or BlackBerry in real time.

After being installed on any phone, the person that you want to monitor, whether boyfriend, wife, daughter or even employee, you can begin to monitor what you do over the phone.

You only need to use a previously created user name, enter the account and through this begin spying all that happens to your phone, in all its functions.

How a cell phone spy

There are several roles that interferes mspy, one of them is the call log, through this can tell about all the calls that people perform, as all you get.

So accurate data can be seen in these calls such as time, and the duration and obviously the registered number and if this number is stored under a name in the phone’s memory can be viewed through the device of mspy.

Another function that has the mspy which serves to know How to spy a cell phone is through text messages, at this point the application allows a detailed text message log.

They can then read any text messages sent or received by phone tapped. They are saved to mspy account the time they are generated, so it is a great advantage because they can still be read even if the phone owner deletes them.

On the other hand another unbeatable features of this application is the location through mspy can also set the GPS location.

They can then track the exact position of the phone and then the person, using Google Maps. Then discover where the person is at that moment.

Among other functions include access to the directory, this software allows you to view each of the numbers saved in the phonebook memory cell.

E-mail Registry, with the function of Rastre emails, mspy saved each mails that are sent and received via mobile phone, in case it is hereby also hiding something.

And the list goes on, because the multiple functions that has the mspy still for espionage work is the best and most efficient way possible.

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