Goophone I5 clone of iPhone 5

Goodphone i5

The first question that comes to mind is: How to copy something that does not yet exist? Because the iPhone 5 hits the market yet, even that has already been announced with great fanfare for this September 12.

It’s not news that the iPhone 5 is the most anticipated phone of the story, that’s why it’s the one that has had rumors and leaks that have run in the tens internet. Exactly where are these leaks have led to the creation of Goophone i5, that even in the name seems.

The leaks of the iPhone 5 have been among the most exciting. They began with the appearance, some images of the supposed “paints” ran the web like wildfire, was followed by the display, which included technology, material and size, the battery was out of the speculation, the board, the slots, the thickness, the start button, the operating system. Just as if you were a “Smartphone Frankenstein” all built based on our imagination as talked of “leaks”.

That’s why the Chinese company Goford Electronics, had the brilliant idea of creating a Smartphone using all the information of the leaks of the iPhone 5, as a result Goophone i5 born. As you can see in the picture, which incidentally also leaked, is very similar to what would be the iPhone 5, with the difference that this is the symbol of a small bee, supplying the apple bite Apple.

But although it is an imitation, not sticking to what is supposed to be the iPhone 5. To start this device would Android, and the processor would lower power and technology. Hopefully it comes out, surely Apple’s lawyers are already readying their demand.

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