Google starts to penalize those who do not treat their customers well

google algorithm

The mistreatment of customers will be penalized by Google, who modify their algorithm for it.
google algorithm
The importance of treating customers well – independent of whether or not a dedicated customer service – is known throughout the world, however, Google has taken up the topic and that will bring a new algorithm to recognize those who do not treat their customers well and to penalize them in the search listings.

The curious thing about the story is that Google is inspired by a publication made in the New York Times, which talked about how companies raise your popularity in search results as they became more popular. The problem with this is that the “popularity” is a term that is defined in an ambiguous way, as user feedback can be positive or negative and increase the ranking equally.

Who said the criticism did not help turn a company into a more popular? With the current Google algorithm a bad review helps this company to be more popular in search results and that’s what you did not like the Internet giant. The conclusions machinations in this article are many, but the one that caught my attention is the one that said “be wrong with the network can be good for business.” According to Amit Singhai, chief engineer at Google, this problem is so simple to put on high alert and forced Google to immediately begin developing a way to remedy this.

The visibility of an online business depends on several factors, one of them is the number of links that receive the site of the company in question, and in this sense when there are many reviews from consumers that generates this phenomenon is are helped in the search results. Singhal said that there is a phenomenon that is standardized across the web, but equally it must be correct and punish those who do not observe good behavior with the client, after all, Google would otherwise be of little sin diligently to their users.

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