Google launches new Android 4.4 system

android-kit-katAs we know, Google been cooking for some time the new version of its mobile operating system. On Tuesday introduced the Android 4.4 KitKat, name to a famous Nestle brand chocolate.

All versions of Android is named after a candy or dessert, and knew the ice cream sandwich, bagel or gingerbread cookie, this time it was the famous Nestle chocolate, a name that was negotiated with the famous Swiss brand.

The charge to spread the name, was nothing less than the head of Android, Sundair Pichai, who used his Twitter account to publicize the name of the new version of Android, which he described as “fun and unexpected”.

As you know, at first the new version of Android is going to be called “Limon foot” (lemon cake), but the change was because not everyone knows what it is a ‘foot Limon “KitKat chocolates instead of Nestlé are famous worldwide. Google made ??it clear that although it has reached an agreement with Nestlé to use the name, there is no monetary agreement for use of the name, just seemed like a good idea and also Nestlé, where the end came out winning all.


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