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Google announced several new features in the annual conference call done Google I / O, which announced Android news 5, augmented reality glasses and their own tablet. Google is about to begin its annual convention called Google I / O within the month of June, which will run from 27 to 29 in San Francisco, USA. Google updates to come from the hand of an initial conference to be held on Wednesday, so try to analyze what are the previously expected good news for 2012.

As much as we should expect in this convention developed by Google in 2012 there are three fundamental points, which are: Android phones and tablets Nexus and Google Drive. Without doubt, one of the things most striking is the presentation of the Android operating system 5 without camouflage, although it has not reached all equally mobile edition 4, is expected to do after the summer to all terminals that are capable of updating its mobile operating system. Regarding the Nexus model phone and tablet are many expectations that are created in this conference, as will be responsible for Jelly Bean show everyone. Details on Google tablet remain a mystery, although there are certain specifications that promise a lot.

Regarding the news related to the Google Drive must say it will deliver value and new features to the service offered by the search giant, which this time will emphasize the use of the system is disconnected (offline). The idea that Google is weaving to emphasize the use in every sense of the mass storage system on the Internet is able to compete more fully with both classic enemies, Dropbox and SkyDrive. Remember that after having seen the leaked slide of the next Xbox 720 from Microsoft, users would be very interested in taking advantage of having Skydrive and Google senses that it long ago.

Finally, it is impossible to set aside at this conference Google I / O 2012 to the issue of maps, especially since Apple turned its back on the use of these for the benefit of its own mapping system, Nokia has also the same in Windows Phone, so it will be interesting to take the bet that Google in this regard. In terms of futuristic projects on the Internet giants, called Project Glass or glasses actually increased as the Google poke a pin in the conference.

For those who do not know what is Jelly Bean, we must discuss is the next operating system will continue to Ice Cream Sandwich, which would already be being developed by Google and tested in parts of the world with very good results, although with no official accountability.

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