Google Glass is sold at $ 1,500 just for a single day

google-glassThe rumors around Google Glass are many, but yes this is a real story. Just for tomorrow (Tuesday 15 April), Google will release in the U.S. alone prototype your Google Glass, with the intention of users to test these glasses before its final sale, which will be held in late this year.

Google Glass glasses and some are in the hands of some users who have a way to test that would be a final prototype that would just end of the year. Google will release its Google Glass to $ 1500 (plus tax), this time for the same purpose, that users can try and receive new comments and know new ways to use these smart glasses.

According to some rumors the glasses would go on sale for $ 600. It is planned to be launched worldwide in November or December this year, though Google has not yet specified the exact date, what we said it would be before the end of 2014. Can only hope …

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