Getting to occupy a management position

directiveThere are many qualities you must develop to achieve occupy a management position. Perhaps the three most important are: leadership, bargaining power and results orientation. Today, many Spanish companies need proactive leadership that have a great business vision, able to solve any problem as quickly and efficiently, always adapting to new market demands. So get to the top of an organization requires great sacrifice. If you seek a job as senior note the following values ??to be met by a manager:

Vision of the organization: there is nothing but the ability to assess the company beyond the limits of your role, understand the interplay between the various stakeholders and develop cross-functional cooperation.

Achievements and results orientation, concern for one’s work succeed or achieve the objectives.

Management capacity: is the key customer focus, be able to make decisions and know how to manage resources, time and information.

Negotiation: the ability to reach satisfactory agreements for the company, discovering and creating value-adding elements to the relationship.

Networking: the ability to develop, maintain and operate an extensive network of relationships with key people within the company and the industry to build partnerships that can foster company.

Communication: listening, transmitting ideas and emotions effectively and with empathy, using the appropriate channel at the right time. Also important is the ability to synthesize and draw conclusions.

Coaching is identification evaluation and improvement areas, targets and action plan, determining who will assist in the process and conducting follow-up results.

Proactivity and initiative is the ability to display entrepreneurial behavior, initiating and promoting the necessary changes with energy and personal responsibility.

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