Four Ways to Grow Your Small Business

Every small business owner will hit a snag in the growth of their company, and it is
important to address this issue right away. At least if you want to keep your business expanding with new customers and increased sales. It is easy to develop a routine with the daily operations of your business, and it may be that this is an important element in keeping your business operating successfully, but it may also be the reason your business is limited in its growth. The following are four things to consider that may create new growth for your company.

Get an email newsletter started
This is an excellent way to keep and solidify your customer base. Over time, customers can drift away, but by keeping them informed with a monthly email newsletter, they will know about the latest promotions and other events. The best way to get your customer’s emails is to have them sign up at your business establishment. You can even offer them a special customer discount for doing so.

Hold a contest and offer prizes
You need to get your current customers actively involved in your business. The best way to do this is with a contest. In its simplest form, you can hold a drawing with the winning prize being a favorite product offering from your company. An even better idea is the gamification of your small business. This is best illustrated in presentations from David Kiger, where he explains how to integrate social media with a contest to fa buzz about your business. This strategy helps to bring in new customers, as well as keep your business in the mind of your current customers.

Try a different form of advertising
If you have only used a narrow range of advertising methods, it is quite possible to expand your sales a new avenue of advertising. For example, if you have never tried mailers, then this might be an area to explore. The United States Postal Service offers businesses the service of mass mailings to residents of specific zip codes and areas. You can target an advertising message to local people who may not aware of your business or the service that is being offered.

Offer a new product or service
It has been said that new products are the lifeblood of any company, and this is evident in all successful corporations. They are always announcing a new product. A small business owner is wise to do the same thing. Look at your product line, and think about the possibilities of offering something that relates to what you are already selling. The same holds true with services. If you are a service oriented business, there are always several new services that you can offer. The key to success with a new product offering is research. You must be careful to offer something that fits with your current business model.

Regardless of what path you decide to take to improve your sales, the key is to reach new customers with information about your business and keeping your current customers happy.

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