Four Steps to Cleaning Your Gun the Right Way

While a clean gun might not be a happy gun, a clean gun might make you happy. When you clean your gun on a regular basis, you’ll know that it will shoot properly every time that you use it. There are four simple steps that ensure you clean your gun correctly.


Cleaning your gun once meant that you needed to use a rod and a specialized cleanser to thoroughly clean both the interior and the exterior. You can now find machines that will clean all areas of your gun in just a few short seconds, and these machines won’t get your hands dirty either.


The chemicals used for cleaning guns can actually damage the barrel and other components when left on the metal for an extended period of time. That is why it is so important that you thoroughly rinse those chemicals off your gun.


A small amount of lubricating oil added to the stock and barrel gives your gun that professional and shiny look that you want. Lubrication also ensures that the bullet fires smoothly out of the gun and that the grip fits firmly in your hand.


Once you go through each of the previous steps, you need to dry your gun before you use it or put it away. Drying can take anywhere from five to 12 minutes, depending on the materials you used and whether you cleaned it by hand or with a machine. Check and similar sites to find cleaners for your collection.

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