Forecasts for the world of marketing in 2011


Forecasts of what will happen to marketing in 2011, talk about increased investment, growth of social media, SEO changes, among other things.
To make a forecast of what will be next year 2011, it must be said before the changes take place around how to do marketing and the methods used. Primarily be the year of social marketing, as some believe, while the mobile world will take off and be much more prominent than it got to be in 2010.

The trend is checked, and the next year consumers will rely more on the Internet as a reference guide before making any purchase decision, so it is clear that the investment will increase at the expense of traditional media. Nonetheless, care must be taken with a detail that can not be overlooked, is that most media consulting on the Internet, does not ensure that the quality of these is the need for advertisers to display their ads, ie there to strike a balance between a showcase for advertisers and what we give to consumers while we the media to inform and bottom to buy.

It is very likely to have a special incentive to define some channels to go freelance to be established as an official report of what is happening for sure and certain enterprises, since the quality is what most are missing these days when it is so easy to make a website and write whatever you want.

Social marketing is one of the paragraphs that will be reviewed in 2011 probably, since he was in 2010. If this year served as the “experiment” to see how far the trend for social networks during the next year things will be outlined more specifically and begin serious social investment by companies that will give the next communication step.

Facts sites and applications for mobile browsing will become more traditional as can be now, is that smartphones offer is so high that the connectivity of these social networking and mass media is inevitable for any the operators of these true mini computers. Spend on advertising via SMS to a cheaper and conventional as is the specially designed display ads for mobile navigation in the style of Apple iad.

The integration of a navigation system based on the user experience will be more prominent than we all expected. Personal navigation, based on the likes of sailors and their own interests is one aspect that will begin to be exploited with less fear and generating better results. In this case, the integration of social media strategies, email marketing and mobile connectivity will be essential.

The SEO will change a bit more than it already has, initiatives such as Google and Google Preview Places are responsible for spreading a little more the need to position for search engines. Place a page based on certain keywords will be no more difficult than it is now, but certainly require more dedication and detail to achieve effective results, since the variables beyond just the search engines.

As expected, the problem is not simply stop applying new strategies to achieve better business results, but also will require care for individual security policies and confidentiality of personal information so that events do not occur as those experienced on Facebook filtering of information by third-party applications.

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