Five Bad Telephone Habits You Need To Fix

Nobody is perfect. Even if you have the business know-how and perform well in sales, you might be lacking in something else. For many people, this is telephone etiquette. When you are struggling to meet sales goals, you may want to rethink your phone strategies. Here are five habits you should knock out today:

1. You aren’t answering the phone correctly. This is typically the first impression a potential client has of your business. You do not want it to be a bad one.

2. You are not listening to what the caller has to say. Whether it is a complaint or a positive remark, you need to keep your ears peeled. The caller can tell when you are not paying attention.

3. You are muffling your words. Speak clearly, enunciating each word so that the caller can understand it. How can you expect to engage with your audience if they cannot hear you?

4. You are being too stuffy. You should be slightly relatable if you want to engage with your audience.

5. You are too casual. As much as you do not want to be stiff, you also do not want to give the impression that you are unprofessional.

Now that you understand factors that might be putting potential clients off, you can work toward making a solid impression. It does not have to be difficult!

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