Filtered images of the new iPhone

iphone_2As we announced last week, Apple is working on a new iPhone, which would come on September 5. But true to form, the bitten apple company has not given many details of your new device. The Japanese website published a photograph with 3 cases of the new iPhone, as we can see one in silver, black and gold.

The U.S. technology website Mashable, echoed the pictures and did a little analysis of what would be the new iPhone. These images reinforce the rumors of making a gold iPhone, you can also speculate a bit more with the design, but the pictures only show the back of the device.

“A number of newly leaked photos appear to show three cases for the next generation iPhone in silver, black and gold / champagne” Porta Mashable.

Mashable ensures that images are very convincing and chances are they are real. The mystery continues but at least we know that the new iPhone will come in 3 colors, probably in the next few days we will have “more leaks” so soon just wait.

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