Fifa 13, learning to play football again

Managers to develop Fifa 13 (EA Sports) have begun to deliver samples of what will be the continuation of one of the major football franchises in gaming history, so we should not be surprised by the efforts of this team to beat the Pro Evolution Soccer always competitive.

The bar made ??with Fifa 12 is high, which is why this title producer David Rutter said the team is working hard to get a high quality product, because not only competition forces but also the users that seek to find in every version of FIFA innovation. In the sample delivered so far have not seen all the new pledges, but it is possible to see changes in the gameplay.

Part of the changes are visible to the naked eye in the rescue, tactical moves, launch failures, collective moves, etc.. The idea always is to get a football simulation that resembles the most to the sport in real life. Thus, changes in the field will be influenced strongly by artificial intelligence built into the title in question, so every single move we make on the lawn care. In this way the rest of our comrades played while we have the ball to be run under vacuum to expect a deep pass, to give an example.

The changes in the positioning of the players that we are not using, when we got the ball, are subtle but important for those who tend to develop strategies to deal with every game finished in FIFA. Along with this we also see that when we deliver the pass to another player is not “perfect”, the receiver will have difficulty controlling the ball and we try a little harder with the controls to resolve the error.

While there are experienced players who drive the backward and forward each of the movements of their favorite players, FIFA developers have decided to simplify things for those who do not look so easy, that is why no lateral movement require sharp turns classics we had to do with control. Each time the defender come to take away the ball through his body, we will have the option of pushing and even surpass in a move clearly in the field.

FIFA finally introduce significant graphical changes, but so far in the trial version can not appreciate it does not incorporate the final artwork vote. The first few minutes testing the upcoming FIFA 13 are good, although there are many developments to know before September 2012 should increase the feeling significantly.

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