Fast Documentation to Proceed with Financial Matters

Dealing with financial obligations has become increasingly easier thanks to the Internet. Tasks that used to take days to complete can now be done in a matter of hours if not minutes. When you want to close on a major purchase without having to wait, you can carry out requests like requesting receipts, securing proof of funds for buying a home, and other important financial matters by going online today. You do not have to travel to your bank or wait for a loan officer to call you back to close on deals that used to be time consuming and burdensome undertakings.

Choosing How to Secure the Documentation

You can get the proof that you need without having to print off paperwork or having the receipts faxed to the requesting party. When you use the website, you can have the proof emailed, messaged, or texted to you quickly.

Getting the proof, however, does require that you follow the steps outlined on the website. If you follow the steps, the entire process can be carried out quickly, allowing you to close on a house within hours or sooner.


You may wonder if the process is secure and who will have access to your personal information. When you visit the website, you will find out that the transaction takes place between limited parties that you authorize prior to securing the proof. The information that needs to be shared will be restricted to people like your bank loan officer, the real estate company or seller of the house, and a few select others that will help you close on the deal.

The website itself will not sell or share your details with other companies that have no role in your real estate purchase. Your information will be kept secure.


The company that provides you with the proof guarantees its authenticity so that you can close your purchase quickly. The other party in the transaction will likewise have the contact details and proof that he or she needs to be confident in your ability to buy the house successfully.

People who sell their homes want to know that interested buyers can pay the negotiated price. You can demonstrate your ability to buy and successfully close on the transaction by going online to request proof of your available funds. The requested documentation can be made available within a matter of hours or sooner.

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