Factors impeding the search for employment

haltedFinding employment appears to be an increasingly difficult task, especially if the candidate belongs to certain groups particularly hard hit by unemployment as young recent graduates seeking their first job or unemployed over 45 years.

However, although undoubtedly present difficult circumstances to find that coveted job, it is also true that often we ourselves, without realizing it, further hampered the collection of such work.

This occurs when, for example, waiting until an offer from a certain position or to give us an answer to a candidacy already sent.

Although well guide the search for employment in accordance with our interests, it is undeniable that such a response or waiting for the offer, will slow the search for employment and opportunities we missed, although at first glance seem less interesting, we can give the desired boost to the labor market.

Also sometimes, without realizing it, we direct our search for the wrong job, because we do not normally look at that do not meet the profile that called for in the job offer. Given the competition that exists today in search of employment, failure to meet any requirement of the profile means that our curriculum will automatically go to the trash, so we need to properly analyze our experience and skills and guide the search for jobs that fit our profile.

It is important not to limit ourselves to one method of job search. Although it is well to the curriculum to our acquaintances and can open many doors, social networks and websites are now excellent job search tools. Therefore, we perform the search in an organized manner, using all means at our disposal and devoting the necessary time. Do not forget to look for work and is in itself a job.

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