Facebook thinks dabble in music

facebook_19And it was clear that Facebook wants to maximize its more than 1450 million users and do not want to leave any field in the air, we know that 70% of videos uploaded to Facebook are made directly and that music is a “niche” quite profitable and easily you can put a face to YouTube, he is already doing. That’s why already put the eye in the music streaming and Apple’s “Apple Music”.

This week the specialized portal, The Verge, gave some news about Facebook and its possible musical foray; as this means the network is in talks with Sony, Universal and Warner to develop a musical project, Facebook has not confirmed anything, but you know how these rumors have some truth always.

This news is reinforced by the announcement that gave Facebook, which will allow revenue sharing with content creators, in this case the videos, as does YouTube through Adsense. Everything indicates that Facebook has declared to the YouTube video on the subject and now musically. Just have to wait a few days for the world’s largest social network confirm or deny these rumors.

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