Facebook prepares news application very similar to Twitter

facebook_20It is not new that Facebook imitate winning formulas, that is why it was a matter of time to do something like Twitter, social network the second largest in the world that has won him many respects. This week, the portal Business Insider revealed that
Facebook is preparing an application like Twitter news.

This new Facebook application or tool will allow the user to perform more than 100 characters noticas the address or URL of the news, can send as alerts (such as Twitter). Users may download and choose associate publications want to follow and what issues they are interested in and receive notifications of these.

According to the rumor of Business Insider, Facebook already be testing it with a group of companies. However, the social network Mark Zuckerberg has not yet ruled on this new tool. According to the leaked features it would be an application very similar to Twitter and certainly looks to compete with the blue bird.

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