Facebook launches Moments, face recognition system

momentsIt’s not news that Facebook launched a new application, but this time we should take a little more attention because it can be something we do not like so much. Moments is a facial recognition system to store and take pictures more quickly and easily; and even privately, to all good, the issue is that Facebook does it directly, which for some can be almost a “theft”.

“The moments in our lives are captured by a new type of photographer: our friends” fragment news Will Ruben, head of “Moments”.

Moments is a standalone application to Facebook (available on iOS and Android, free), but part of the social network and integrates the functions of this. Basically synchronizes the images where we appear to do so using the face recognition system. It does so in a simple and “private” way. This means that if one of our friends in Facebook takes a picture where we appear, this image becomes ours.

The idea is good, but obviously there is a kind of vacuum in the issue of privacy as a photo even though we appear in it is not always ours. Surely this new app will talk about and be given to the dispute.

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