Everything you should know before buying a laptop

laptopsIf there’s a first time for everything, so it’s the first time I will buy a laptop pay close attention to the following details, and if you also had a can of the following tips useful.


You should know that the processor is the most important part of the computer, you could say it is the “soul”. Depend on this little chip speed of your laptop, plus the power and performance of the same. Today there is a wide range of processors, as well as the now famous “Intel” processors there are other alternatives. The processors are the fastest moving parts, so name one in particular would be absurd as it quickly will a better one. It remains only recommend taking a look at the best processors on the market of the moment and see what benefits they offer.

The battery

A laptop is to carry it around and use it with the battery obviously. Today batteries offer you many hours of battery life but unfortunately these are the most expensive. But because of the large supply laptop battery there are many very “decent”. So before you buy your laptop ask before anything How long does the battery last?. Remember that use batteries as they have less life.

Image resolution

Although it is a purely technical detail is more important than you think. A good resolution of the screen is important in a laptop, this technical aspect will depend on several factors, including the processor, motherboard and video card. Try to investigate what kind of resolution is and if it is current. It also depends on the use you give, your needs and expectations.

The price

These days the tablets are gaining ground with mobile devices, that’s why laptops have taken a back seat, which is why they are cheaper than ever, but cheap is not always synonymous with good. The first tip is to find out which model is the laptop you want to buy and in what year was launched and what price it was sold. This will give a true picture of the value of your next laptop, some models after 2 or 3 years after its launch typically cost 50% less than the initial price and its features are very similar to those that have been launched this year. We recommend reviewing more of an option and more of a brand, and comparisons to the case.

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