Epson augmented reality glasses ready for industry

moverio-epsonAfter the failure of the much-heralded Google Glass, the technology could not be lost or fade over time, that is why famous brand printers, Epson has just announced the launch of the glasses Moverio Pro BT-2000, focused glasses workers and industry professionals, which combine the screen in the 2 hands-free lenses.

These glasses are improved by the Moverio BT-200 Pro version, it is a stronger version prepared for use in industry, that is adapted to the sometimes harsh environment of work; glasses bring 2 cameras of 5 megapixels, and a sense of depth to the wearer, as if it were human eyes, aloof obviously achieved.

Also as is the case in this type of glasses provide 3D images; It has a novel motion sensor that tracks the movements of our head based on our position. The screen has a resolution of 1350 / m2, and glasses have WiFi and Bluetooth, running Android system connection. And best of all, the Epson allows companies to create their own applications as needed.

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