Divide your marketing messages

What I’m about to say that seems to be a bit of a contradiction, so bear with me. The best marketing campaigns are the kind that takes a single message and broadcast it on more advertising is pushing for a period of time. Think of having a single strong marketing push for each quarter, and with it you can have one central message that you are pushing with every type of advertising is sending. The advantages of this comes from the stronger saturation of your message. More people are naturally going to feel, because you will be thrust is much more than it would if you have only a single advertising push with it.

Now, as regards the contradiction, the problem of many companies will take place this will often not have the same message with different forms of advertising. To prepare, some messages are of course will be much shorter, and therefore require a much shorter form, in order to use effectively. Let’s say your main purpose was to promote the course of sale. Now, this is not that long of a message, which means that in the short formats such as postcards or posters will do better.

But what if you want to get the booklet printing done as well? What I have seen is that those companies often shorter messages and trying to drag them to a brochure, even if the message is certainly too short for work. What you get is a booklet that is too thin and out of place.

There are two solutions to this problem. The first is to make time to come will know the length of the message and only choose the kinds of advertising, which works well for its length. This can work very well, but obviously you have to be cutting yourself off from many types of advertising, and personally, I always prefer to keep the options a bit ‘more open than that.

This means that the second option is what I prefer, which is to form two variations on your message. The first is for short formats, while the second is a longer version of the same thing with extra points added to it.

Using the above example of the sale, the short message that you could simply be a sale, or choose an item from the sale of mention, in case more are more parties to the sale and explain exactly what the savings are. This way you can continue to use the printing of brochures, even if you have a short message.

I gave my preference, but do not feel compelled, because every company will benefit from different styles of marketing. You are in the best position to know what works for your company. Just be aware of the length of your marketing message to the length of the advertisement you are trying to adapt.

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