DDR4 Ram Memory, Samsung already have lists

According to the comments of those responsible for Samsung, for quite some time, the Korean company already has the first modules of RAM DDR4 technology, issues that could be available to users in 8GB and 16GB versions with no problems.

Some of the advantages of this new technology in memory chips found in used (30 nm) and the amount of voltage with which they work, which particularly in the DDR4 memory is 1.2 volts. This change in voltage requirement makes it possible to obtain energy savings around 40%, an issue that is not less if we assume the requirements of a large server.

Ram Memory modules are designed Samsung DDR4 on servers, making it impossible to start marketing now for home use. This approval is expected for consumers of these reports take a little more conventional (by August 2012), but always thinking of his presentation to the beginning of 2013 with great fanfare.

It should be with consumers, especially gamers, understand that the adaptation process could be slow and even by 2013, as there are motherboards that are being changed for several months with the format Ivy Bridge Intel and AMD processors with the new , which will further modifications afternoon for the new Ram standard that are now impossible.

Importance of Ram on a computer
Ram memory is one of the elements leading to a computer, though less quoted, as most are fixed on the clock speed which presents the CPU or the storage level.

The RAM can be understood as “Random Access Memory” for its acronym in English, and is called to be the one that makes the difference in transfer speeds and data processing computer, so not everything is delivered to the processor and can appreciate.

Ram memory in circulating information about instructions to the processor, results of operations and all applications that run at or under other processes in standby mode. It is easy to say that everything we do with the computer in one way or another goes through the Ram memory, so it is from the “living room” where everyone has to spend, which should be narrow, forces to create an endless line.

If you want a fast computer, then we must look at the processor clock speed (number of cores as well) and the amount of Ram you have the equipment, while the speed of it.

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