Consumers do not prevent online advertising

advertising online

Consumer acceptance of online advertising as advertisers themselves believe is valid to describe in a video broadcast online.
advertising online
The study by Turner Broadcasting on online advertising and consumer behavior toward her, said they did not prevent, but on the contrary are willing to see more of what so far shown.

The comparison of advertising that is displayed on television and online delivery that makes it clear that there is a different behavior on the part of advertisers, who believe that consumers tend to “avoid” those that show more advertising content, however, A recent study shows that increasing the number of ads would not cause a mass flight from the audience.

The study included an analysis of how consumers actually saw the TV shows that lasted 30 minutes and only had one minute of advertising. The results showed that 40% displayed the program, however, when reviewing the statistics of the programs that last an hour, the magnification of up to 59% when it contained a minute of advertising. The comparison is interesting when one considers that the broadcast of 30 minutes when the warning time increased the percentage fell to 37% (display), but 1 hour programs fell to 49%.

These results will undoubtedly change the way ads are focused currently on the Internet transmissions, it attempts to extract more profits did not translate into more ads, but new techniques, but now may increase a little more the number advertisements in the videos as the number of minutes that last program.

You can see some changes on YouTube, who as usual and presented innovative and new types of ads in the videos presented online. The advantage of these new formats is that you can choose which ads you want to see something in an interesting new advertising platform “on demand”, as it somehow.

The key study is that the “viewers found” are a new range of consumers of online play, so that in their eagerness to see a chapter of your favorite series or perhaps the exclusive online content of a film released recently, are willing to see more advertising than advertisers themselves presumed. Jack Wakshlag, research director of the company that has done this study, is convinced of the impact of advertisements in the playback of content online.

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