Combine work and children

work at homeOne of the main difficulties which are daily workers, especially women, is to reconcile working life with family life, especially with the care of children. The long hours that often exist in Spain become almost impossible task, and often have no choice but to hire people who look after the children until parents arrive home.

However, it is difficult does not mean it is impossible, and following a few tips you can combine work and family as balanced as possible:

Organization: If we organize and plan in advance our daily routine we can achieve significant time savings. You can make the purchase through the Internet and take care of bills and other domestic issues as you have a free moment. Also a good idea to do at the beginning of the week, a list of tasks throughout the week, meetings, etc. So that we can get a planning order to allow us to advance our day to use the time the best way possible. our business.

Spend quality time with children: for them the amount is not as important as quality. When you’re with your kids, do not spend to check emails or think you left pending tasks at work. Listen with interest to what they tell you about their day to day, play and talk to them. Thus, in addition to eliminating the guilt that many parents feel about being at work instead of being with their children.

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