Choosing the right web hosting plan ?

It is extremely easy to make a place for you or your business on the World Wide Web. Although the needs of each individual are unique, there are some basic terms that all websites entrepreneur should know. This article will delve into the foundations and a variety of characteristics of Web hosting.

There are two main types of hosting plans. They are free reception, accommodation and paid. Very simple when you look at the times their face value, ie it is free, you pay the other not? True, but before jumping on the movement of free hosting, read some of the technical terms described below.

Any hosting service will indicate the amount of space they can allocate to you. Usually, they said the amount in megabytes. You’ve probably encountered megabytes in another area – e-mail. For example, my e-mail saying I have used 174 MB of a possible 2761 MB, or about 6%. A typical Web page written in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is anywhere from 0 KB to 10 KB. Photos from 0.5 MB to more than 8 MB. Since 1 MB is 1000 KB, you can see that for the average personal page, you will not need a huge amount of space. For the general homepage, about 30-50 MB of sufficient space.

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