Choosing construction advisory services

Construction projects can be very complicated endeavors. The contracts between the contractor and the company who owns the building can be quite complicated indeed. With so many moving parts, things occasionally go wrong. When the owner of a site and the contractor have problems during the course of a project, a construction consultant can be called to try and bring the two sides together. In many cases, a consultant can make both parties come to some sort of an agreement. However, this is not always the case. Occasionally, one party will take the other to court. When this happens, an expert witness can win your case.

1. The advantage of expert witness testimony

All cases are different, but many cases come down to whether the plaintiff or defendant is more credible. Having a construction expert witness testify on your behalf can completely turn the tide of a case in your favor. It sends a strong and clear message that you are in the right. Juries are often swayed by the testimony given by expert witnesses, provided they are articulate and well-prepared to answer questions under cross-examination. Lyle Charles Consulting offers this type of expert witness testimony in legal disputes over construction projects. They also offer construction advisory services. Learn more about how they can help you with your case by checking out

2. Your case becomes stronger

Even if you feel that you are in the right and you already have a very strong case, it is always better to be safe than sorry. If you can make a move to strengthen your case and ensure your victory in the courtroom, you should strongly consider doing it. You can never predict how juries are going to react to the evidence or testimony presented to them. Every little bit of testimony that can potentially show the jury that you are in the right will help to make your case even stronger than it already was.

3. Years of experience

In order to deliver expert witness testimony, a person needs to have many years of experience in the particular field they are testifying about. In many cases, an expert witness will have worked in their field of expertise for 20 years or more. Therefore, you would be wise to put all of these years of experience to work for you. The accumulated knowledge of your expert witness can make you the victor in your legal dispute.

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