Choosing between an Sony Xperia S, HTC One S and Motorola RAZR

Choosing a mobile phone lately has not been an easy task for anyone, especially considering that each of the models discussed in brief has the same operating system (Android), has a screen the same dimensions and highlight similar in all senses. These three models are without doubt the most attractive of the year 2012, we will try to pick the best.

The idea of this analysis is to find the best mobile phone with Android operating system and 4.3 inch touch screen.

Sony Xperia S
The Sony Xperia S is one of the biggest stir this has caused for 2012, because this is the first sign of change being made by the company Nippon after his split with Ericsson. Among the main objectives we have the Bravia technology, have the Android 2.3 operating system and a camera that captures amazing images.

Part of the charm of this phone are minimalist in the development of outer shell, which we love for many reasons, mainly because it is simple enough to look elegant. While the screen has the most benefits, the application that use so-called Smart Tags through the NFC system catches the attention of users.

htc-one-sThis is another of the terminals that we wanted to compare, however, stands out from their peers for having an unbalanced power to the shortlist. The operation of the operating system is extremely fluid, while the camera works precisely thanks to the included software.

While providing the power between the three models highlight in 2012, the design has been used in its constitution is not the best, even when a terminal is light, thin and well finished.

Motorola RAZR
motorola-razrThis definitely bet Motorola terminal by using a unique material such as Kevlar, besides having a thickness interesting when compared with that of their peers. One of the most controversial in the purchase of this equipment is in the delay of updating its operating system, it is currently marketed with Android 2.3.

When we have to evaluate the three exponents above, who has better resolution is the Sony Xperia S (1280×720), which is interesting considering that leverages technology to display images Bravia really clear. If we have to evaluate the weight of each terminal, HTC Wins One S to be 119 g, while not the thinnest of all, for the Motorola RAZR has a thickness of 7.1mm. When referring to processing power, again highlight the HTC, who has a dual core processor running at 1.5GHz. The amount of RAM in all terminals is 1GB, while memory for storage is more extensive in the model of Sony, who has 32GB.

The best battery for the Motorola has 1.780mAh, although the camera is more powerful in the Xperia because of the 12MP S offering. Among the featured extras, Xperia S are in the NFC system, in the excellent HTC camera software on the Motorola RAZR and the use of Kevlar.

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