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Microsoft launches new Windows version

From today Microsoft has made ??available to all Windows users a free download of the new version of this famous system. The Windows 8.1 is compatible computers or desktop computers, as well as for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). The new Windows 8.1 is now available in 230 markets and 37 different languages ??(including Spanish). […]

How a cell phone spy, myths and realities

mSpy is a cell phone spy software that has become the solution for all those who need to know how to spy on a cell phone, than knowing that calls and messages received and makes a particular person, even though they have been deleted. But, this valuable program is not only for that but, for […]

How a spy phone record all phone activities

Record all movements performed from a mobile phone is now very easy with mspy, the spy who puts truth exposed. What is mspy to know How to spy a cell phone To know How to spy a cell phone, first of all you need to know how the application that we will use. We begin […]

Enjoy More Benefits with Resource Scheduling Software

Everyone surely wants to get more by doing less. That also applies for a business or an organization. Let alone, the great benefits are the target of your business or your organization. Therefore, it’s important for you to be able to manage everything in detailed in efficiency and effective ways so you can gain what […]

Windows 8 changes everything, even the PCs


There is little to do release the new Microsoft operating system, Windows 8, which is already circulating in test format provisional license for consumers to get a clear picture of the changes. However, the replacement of the classic Windows interface for the call until recently “Metro” is not the only big difference with other operating […]

Windows 8 RTM, which offers the choice of Microsoft


Windows 8 has become one of the most anticipated operating systems, expectation has been met largely with the RTM edition. Windows 8 is just around the corner, so we have taken pains to provide all the information that we can deliver on the new operating system from Microsoft that promises two things, delivering a completely […]

Microsoft Windows 8, buy it now or regret later


Windows 8 is the latest operating systems developed by Microsoft, which promises to be more friendly, best designed and almost bulletproof, and so many did not expect to deal with past mistakes in this new version. As we said in an article inside, not talk about the interface “Metro” that always spoke as a patent […]

New Microsoft mail account, all totally free


Microsoft launched the world a new email client that impresses with its minimalist design, almost free of advertising and with features that shine when the market between Windows 8, we mean “”. The managers work Microsoft has been pretty good, especially when we have to refer to the “little” advertising that shows users purchase interesting […]