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Windows 10 will have 7 versions

It has been spoken much of Microsoft’s next operating system, the Windows 10; and this week has proved that this system will segmentations, ie that come in several versions, seven to be exact. This revelation points to meet the needs of all users and each type of them. Although not disclosed the exact date of […]

YouTube prepares free service paid advertising

Mashable web technology this week confirmed a rumor that had been going around for weeks on the network, it appears that YouTube is planning to launch a paid subscription service to issue ad-free videos. Suggesting that aims to compete with the existing platforms of streaming Netflix, Hulu and the new HBO Now. “While we can […]

You can save a backup copy of WhatsApp in Google Drive

While we expect phone calls from WhatsApp, implementing most popular instant messaging service is not resting on its laurels and continues to innovate. WhatsApp will soon operate a new option that lets you make a backup to Google Drive (Google cloud). This is certainly good news for the legion of fans of this popular application, […]

Samsung presents the first flexible screen TVs in the world

On Sunday the 2014 IFA technology fair held in the city of Berlin witnessed the presentation of the first range of flexible screen TVs in the world; South Korean company Samsung introduced the biggest screen TV UHD curved whopping 105 inches. This “monster” is 4 times sharper than a Full HD TV; user also has […]

The best music applications

Everyone with a smartphone or tablet have in them a music player, that’s why having a music application that is more important today. Below is a full list of the best music applications.

The best cloud storage (Free)

Today having a cloud is more than necessary, as well as being useful for storing documents or files we used to share information and keep it handy literally anywhere in the world. That is why we have made a list of the best free cloud storage.

Windows 9 could be free

For many Windows 8 fails to convince, so many have chosen to stay with his older operating system; that’s why Microsoft would be contemplating the idea of ??offering free next Windows 9x users using Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7, so update. This information was published by ZDNet, web often reveal important news from […]

Applications to quit smoking

Today we find many applications useless and uninteresting, but the sea of ??apps always find some very useful and we can literally change lives. This is the case of upcoming applications that can help you quit smoking.