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Mobile Apps for Optimal Progress of Your Business

Thanks to advanced technology, mobile application has been invented for some purposes that can help humans do something effectively and efficiently. One sector that uses mobile application intensely is business since many companies of any kind are currently applying mobile apps ranging from marketing product to maintaining customer relationship. So far, there is a range […]

iPhone 5 set to become the best ever


No other mobile device has an aura of rumors and expectations as big as the iPhone 5, even the date of his departure is official and we all speculate about it, even more than a renowned specialist poised for a great future. According to analyst Craig Berger (FBR Capital Markets), Apple with the release of […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, designed by and for creativity


Since everyone has gotten familiar with the product of Samsung Galaxy Note, which has among its main features having a superb screen response, in addition to generous dimensions. Thanks to the success of this product, manufacturers have decided to develop the concept with a product called Galaxy Note 10.1. While the Galaxy Note 10.1 is […]

Asus Padfone, the future of portable Android

The Asus Padfone is a mobile phone that has a very attractive product of the number of accessories that are sold, allowing among other things become a very good laptop features while running under the Android mobile operating system 4 And what want more? Responsible for the Asus Padfone has a lot more than what […]

iOS 6, Apple’s mobile OS full of new

One of the most important announcements made ??at the Apple developer conference that 2012 was the news for the mobile operating system company, we refer to IOS 6. While this system is already operating available for download, it is only a trial version, but will finally advanced in the fall of this year. The mobile […]

Choosing between an Sony Xperia S, HTC One S and Motorola RAZR

Choosing a mobile phone lately has not been an easy task for anyone, especially considering that each of the models discussed in brief has the same operating system (Android), has a screen the same dimensions and highlight similar in all senses. These three models are without doubt the most attractive of the year 2012, we […]

Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 4.2, competition for Apple


The technology market is increasingly at odds, an example is the new initiative that has embarked Samsung to bring to market the Galaxy S WiFi 4.2, device no other function than to compete with the segment led by iPod Touch (Apple) and at first glance does not convince everyone. One of the strengths of this […]

Sales of smartphones will increase in 2011


The surprising increase in sales of mobile smartphones by 2011, is expected to revolutionize the mobile marketing and how to advertise. Smartphones went from being a luxury and became an everyday tool for executives, students, employees and even for those who do not need even 50% of the capacity of these magnificent examples phones. Thus, […]