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Samsung Galaxy S3, the expected end

Samsung knew from the beginning that things would not be easy after that would lead the market Apple iPhone 4S, so strategically planned presentation Galaxy S3 after having had an extraordinary level of acceptance with the model Galaxy S2 – selling 10 million units in five months. A very short time of its official launch, […]

iPhone 5 disappoints many

There has been more than 3 days of the filing of the new iPhone 5 and as many speak of a disappointment. The rumors surrounding the iPhone 5 could be counted by tens, making it the most anticipated mobile device more and more desired rumored history. His departure confirmed that almost all rumors were true, […]

iPhone 5 feature by feature

After countless rumors, the much awaited iPhone 5 has been presented with much anticipation. Finally the wait is over, the iPhone was introduced in an important ceremony, where it was shown as the best mobile device made by Apple. Know one by one all its features. Screen Perhaps most rumors had was the screen of […]

iPhone 5 would sell 10 million in a week

According to forecasts based on sales history of Apple, the new iPhone could beat sales records in just 7 days. Apple has sold millions of iPhones in its history, since in 2007 the recently deceased Steve Jobs showed the first iPhone to the world. That first mobile device went on sale in June of that […]

Goophone I5 clone of iPhone 5

Goodphone i5

The first question that comes to mind is: How to copy something that does not yet exist? Because the iPhone 5 hits the market yet, even that has already been announced with great fanfare for this September 12. It’s not news that the iPhone 5 is the most anticipated phone of the story, that’s why […]

Apple adds four Samsung devices in the demand for plagiarism

Galaxy III

Apple just released an addendum adding 4 more devices demand plagiarism, including the Galaxy III is the flagship of Samsung. Last Friday Apple made real the threat is already rumored in the halls of Cupertino offices, has added to the demand made by Samsung, 4 mobile devices, including the Galaxy III highlights, smartphone more representative […]

Samsung ATIV S, the first smartphone with Windows 8

Samsung ATIV S

This time you won Samsung, who became the first company to launch the first smartphone with Windows 8 system, called Samsung ATIV S. When everyone expected that Nokia will launch the first smartphone with Windows 8, Samsung-as they say in horse racing, won by a head. It all happened in a press conference under the […]

The eight smartphones from Samsung violated Apple patents


Apple has begun a campaign to ban the sale of Samsung smartphones in August in the United States. Less than a week ago, many assumed that the legal battle between Apple and Samsung had come to an end, but this is far from happening. Apple has continued and is now demanding a ban on the […]