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Microsoft changes its Windows 8 Metro and begins to Surface 2


It is well known by those who usually keep up in the technological contingency Microsoft has been concerned enough to develop a modern interface, entertaining and above all efficient, to compete with its rivals, either in terms of the mobile as in the computers. So, those who remember the name “Metro” as the nickname classic […]

DDR4 Ram Memory, Samsung already have lists

According to the comments of those responsible for Samsung, for quite some time, the Korean company already has the first modules of RAM DDR4 technology, issues that could be available to users in 8GB and 16GB versions with no problems. Some of the advantages of this new technology in memory chips found in used (30 […]

Microsoft takes legal action for Xbox 720 filtration


The leaks of what will be the next Xbox 720 requires Microsoft to take legal action to prevent the contents from spreading. A complete 56-page document on the next generation video game console from Microsoft, Xbox 720, seeping acid Internet in recent days, thereby revealing many ideas that could serve the closest competitors of the […]

Microsoft Surface, Windows 8 tablet that will revolutionize the market

Microsoft has unveiled what will be its Surface tablet with Windows 8, a device that will mark a turning point in the sense that you can have one of these products. Microsoft is determined to change everything back to the manufacture of hardware that can be combined as never before seen, the versatility of a […]

Panasonic DT50: Viera Smart printing

The TVs have been the faithful companion of many families for decades, even many times been the inseparable companion of many children who have followed series in the afternoon while waiting for their parents get home from work. Thus, this product “dispensable” in many homes, has started to become an “indispensable” for the features it […]

New on laptops 2012

Developments in the world of laptops do not stop coming for this 2012, and an example of this is that they have begun to see more and more often ultralight prototype touchscreen and hybrids share the features of a laptop and a tablet with the best technology on the market. Ultrabook touchscreen Intel has begun […]

AMD Trinity, finally was launched competition to Intel

This is excellent news which comes from AMD, they finally released the second generation of APU models, so you get an improvement in battery performance, and other improvements. Best of all is that they begin to compete side by side with the platform of “ultrabooks” that Intel has monopolized so well with several manufacturers through […]

Nvidia GTX 690, the world’s most powerful


As we have stated in our title, Nvidia rises again as the video card manufacturer with the most powerful product in the world with the release of the GTX 690. Subject to be the most powerful, we must remember it is a dual video card GPU. Some of the features of this video card are […]