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Tips for Being a Good Boss

As a general rule heads are not well regarded by its employees, which makes sense because as a person of authority in the company must ensure the benefits of it but I suppose at some point conflict with members of staff. But it is also true that not be a leader you have to take […]

How to improve business plan

The business plan is, as its name indicates, to plan the development and operation of your business. When you analyze it, sometimes you realize that you are not giving the performance that should or that there are parts that are not well-organized. If you want to improve your business plan, follow these tips: Review the […]

How to turn mistakes into opportunities

We all make decisions at work, is completely normal and that makes us human. However, the professional should take advantage of mistakes to learn, provide solutions and improve. In short, this is to turn the mistake into an opportunity. The error, by definition, unpredictable and involuntary. We fall into it without realizing it but that […]