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Multiple Machines

Hearing the words that you need an MRI can sometimes be frightening. Most machines are enclosed and are loud while the scan is taking place. This can make some people apprehensive about the test, which can sometimes prevent the doctor from getting the necessary results about a diagnosis if you choose not to have the […]

The History of Las Vegas’ Golden Nugget

One of the oldest casinos in Las Vegas, the Golden Nugget has an interesting and storied history. It is the first structure in the city to be designed as a casino rather than a combination hotel and casino. Before the Golden Nugget Prior to the Golden Nugget, the California Club stood on the corner of […]

Five Consumer Electronic Trends for 2015

The consumer electronics industry is a $200 billion industry that’s growing each year. In 2014, the U.S. Patent Office issued over 275,000 patents for innovative electronic devices that will shape our personal and professional lives for the future. The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, an annual Las Vegas event, introduced thousands of new products from inventors […]

Leaders Inspire Through Example

Leading by example is something that successful business and social leaders take very seriously. Anyone can talk their way into a position, but using business savvy and being active in the community are important parts of any leadership strategy. Business leaders, like Yosef Meystel, take their roles very seriously. In order to inspire the members […]

Media Evaluation

There is no question that the invention of social media has changed the way that people communicate and exchange information with one another. Because of the ease with which information is exchanged using social media, the impact that it can have on the reputation of a business is enormous. If negative things are being said […]

Apple developer conference announced “The epicenter of change”

The bitten apple company just announced the exact date of the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) number 26, which will begin on June 8 (until June 12) in the center of Moscone West convention center San Francisco, USA, which will be called “The epicenter of change“. The new Apple conference will host the presentation of the […]

Keeping Abreast with Telecommunications Technology

Technology is changing the face of business in a way that could not have been foreseen just fifty or sixty years ago. Now, businesses must take advantage of cutting-edge technology just to be profitable. Any business that fails to keep pace with technology quickly will find themselves playing catch-up and losing customers to more tech […]

Amazon deliver orders to test drones

The e-commerce giant Amazon has received an experimental license from the regulatory body, to test drones for deliveries in the United States, but with some regulations. The Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) made a statement in which he announced that he has granted an “experimental license” to the e-commerce company Amazon, to start research and development […]