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Samsung Tab S

Samsung continues to surprise and completely unexpected launches tablet, although no notice of its launch, Samsung claims that this is one of the most important releases of the year. This is the Samsung S Tab, a new tablet that clearly born to compete against Apple’s iPad. The new Samsung Tab S comes in two versions, […]

Zuckerberg speaks loudly about the safety and the government of his country

Today through his Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg CEO and founder of Facebook published an interesting message about security and Internet freedom. “When our engineers work tirelessly to improve safety, we believe that we protect the criminals and not our own government” abstract message Mark Zuckerberg. This could be the sentence that contains and sums up the […]

Yahoo: the classification of high-tech research in 2013

The year 2013 is currently agonizing conquerors under our feet. As every year, the search engines of the free world (or not) we will drink with their usual rankings. Yahoo is the first to open the ball with a nice list with the most popular high-tech searches of the year in France … of course! […]

Localeyes turns customers into commercial investigators

The application allows brands to appoint and remunerate customers to verify and quantify the impact of their business strategy within the same store . Integrating consumers and clients as actors of their business strategy is not new. Indeed, Mobeye , also launched this summer, had set up an application that allows brands to trace the […]

Apple versus Samsung, a showdown!

Sales of the Californian giant mark increasingly not against those of the South Korean group . For five days, the two rivals clash again in court. The saga continues in San Jose ( California ) . Apple and Samsung return to court after the giant August 2012 trial , argue from Wednesday … the amount […]

Google and Facebook are stepping up their investments in green energy

To support the development of their business and enhance their CSR , the U.S. technology giants rush into renewable energy. After investments in fiber optics, connected car , and access to the Internet, the major players in Silicon Valley are a new golf strategic competition over access to energy sources. Given the slow transition of […]

From the November 21 BlackBerry Messenger will be available for Android and iOS

As we announced a few weeks ago the BlackBerry Messenger since November 21 will be available for Android and iOS systems . BlackBerry Messenger lets you chat from Android devices and iPhones with Canadian business smartphone BlackBerry . As we know the BlackBerry Messenger was once one of the strengths that distinguished Canadian brand of […]

Google launches new Android 4.4 system

As we know, Google been cooking for some time the new version of its mobile operating system. On Tuesday introduced the Android 4.4 KitKat, name to a famous Nestle brand chocolate. All versions of Android is named after a candy or dessert, and knew the ice cream sandwich, bagel or gingerbread cookie, this time it […]