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Epson augmented reality glasses ready for industry

After the failure of the much-heralded Google Glass, the technology could not be lost or fade over time, that is why famous brand printers, Epson has just announced the launch of the glasses Moverio Pro BT-2000, focused glasses workers and industry professionals, which combine the screen in the 2 hands-free lenses. These glasses are improved […]

Apple launches new iOS streaming 9 “Apple Music”

The Cupertino company during the WWDC Developers Conference presented its new operating system, IOS 9 and OS X El Capitan. But surely the most remarkable novelty that brings mobile operating system from Apple is creating its own music streaming system, which is called Apple Music, with obviously be pointing Spotify competition. The Apple Music will […]

Spotify ventures in videos

YouTube apparently it came out a competitor not expected. The Swedish company Spotify, famous for its music streaming service, has just announced this week that it will enter the world of video content and self-produced. “It’s happening a profound change in the music and that’s something we could not have anticipated when we founded the […]

A look at the new Office 2016

One of the most anticipated technological developments of the year is undoubtedly the Windows 10 operating system, but also hand reaches the office software applications Office 2016. That’s why Microsoft has launched a beta version where we can discover some new this very useful program. For starters we can say that this is the version […]

Microsoft introduced its new “Windows 10” operating system

Microsoft finally presented its new operating system, which takes surprisingly named “Windows 10” (or Thresholdl or Windows 9 as been speculating). The city of San Francisco was the setting for the presentation, Terry Myerson, Windows chief, was on hand to make the presentation. Its greatest feature is that all kinds of devices, whether mobile or […]

Windows 9 also will be free for those who have Windows 8

It had already leaked that the next operating system of Microsoft, Windows 9 would be free for all users who have the old Windows XP and Windows 7 operating systems, but this week the president of Microsoft Indonesia confirmed Windows 9 also will be free to users having Windows 8. Andreas Diantoro, president of Microsoft […]

13 year old girl proposed solution for “cyberbullying”

The so-called “cyberbullying” has become one of the biggest problems of social networks, especially in the teenage community that is most affected and also the most active in this practice. But Trisha Prabhu a 13 year old from Naperville, Illinois (United States) has a very interesting proposal that could significantly reduce this malpractice. Trisha has […]

Windows 7 will not receive technical support

Today the company announced that Microsoft as of January 13, 2015 the Windows 7 operating system will no longer receive technical support, resulting in the end of this operating system, which is now present in 50% of computers. It appears that they want to focus on the extension, Windows 8 Only receive updates those with […]