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Dog-Bite Victims and the “One Bite Rule”

Although dog bites are not specifically addressed in Nevada law, a number of different provisions can be used to pursue claims in cases where a dog has caused injury due to the negligence of its owner. Adam Kutner, an attorney in the Las Vegas area, has had significant experience in this field of law and […]

Pray from Your Heart


Bad thing happen to you, frustration, desperation, and hopeless feeling will heal by the power of prayer.  Nothing has more power than GOD and we must believe that anything can be solved if we try hard and pray. Anybody has problem so you need to pay every day and although you live in perfect life […]

Different types of Hobbies

Hobbies are activities we enjoyed the most. Many people used hobbies as activities to released stress and pressures in everyday busy activities. There are many kinds of hobbies. There are many people who love to watch movies or listen to music. Other hobbies are outdoor activities, like camping and hiking, and people who love to […]