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Facebook becomes the main source of news on the Internet

Another battle that Facebook beats the Internet giant this week a report, where the social network Zuckerberg is placed as the first source consulted in Internet news is published. This report brings together more than 400 media on the internet. The report gathers important magazines like Wired, Mashable, The Daily Telegraph and news […]

Facebook prepares news application very similar to Twitter

It is not new that Facebook imitate winning formulas, that is why it was a matter of time to do something like Twitter, social network the second largest in the world that has won him many respects. This week, the portal Business Insider revealed that Facebook is preparing an application like Twitter news. This new […]

Facebook thinks dabble in music

And it was clear that Facebook wants to maximize its more than 1450 million users and do not want to leave any field in the air, we know that 70% of videos uploaded to Facebook are made directly and that music is a “niche” quite profitable and easily you can put a face to YouTube, […]

70% of videos uploaded to Facebook are made directly

When we all thought that the battle of the videos on the Internet had gained YouTube (and far), Facebook is put front and fall. A recent Fortune magazine found that 70% of videos uploaded to Facebook is made directly, not through YouTube as they used to do before. Which it is a 25% growth since […]

Facebook launches Moments, face recognition system

It’s not news that Facebook launched a new application, but this time we should take a little more attention because it can be something we do not like so much. Moments is a facial recognition system to store and take pictures more quickly and easily; and even privately, to all good, the issue is that […]

Now Facebook is interested in how long you read their publications

It is no secret that Facebook is watching us to the millimeter and to do so using a series of algorithms, similar to those used by Google. This time the most popular social network in the world has made some changes to their algorithms in order to record the time it used its users to […]

Study reveals that older people prefer Facebook and Whatsapp

A revealing study by the Spanish Open University of Catalonia found that people over 64 who use new technologies to communicate prefer to use the social network Facebook and instant messaging application WhatsApp, also found that mostly used these platforms to communicate with her grandchildren and haters be “selfies”. This study was done on people […]

Servered, the spy for Whatsapp

Whatsapp is undoubtedly one of the most popular applications of instant messaging service, and now that allows telephone calls; but it is also one of the best covers their tracks, in addition to having many options to appear, disappear, delete and block; traces only can see the owner of the account. After many false applications, […]