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Generating More Traffic for Your Small Business Website

Nobody ever said running a small business was easy, and if you’re like most small business owners, you’re wondering how you can improve day to day sales or service figures every hour. While quality service matters, getting the customers you need to stay afloat may not happen without some work on your part. One of […]

How to make better use of your Gmail account

Gmail is NO doubt one of the email platform most used in the world, either by the endorsement of belonging to Google, for its various functions or be one that offers the user more. We’ve compiled some tips and tricks that will serve to make better use of your account.

What more rob me of my data?

When we left home or office and leave the WiFi, mobile data begin to consume, often at an accelerated pace to finish, and never we learn why. That is why we have made a list of the types of applications that consume more data, so you can turn them off or ignore them.

Facebook becomes the main source of news on the Internet

Another battle that Facebook beats the Internet giant this week a report, where the social network Zuckerberg is placed as the first source consulted in Internet news is published. This report brings together more than 400 media on the internet. The report gathers important magazines like Wired, Mashable, The Daily Telegraph and news […]

Facebook prepares news application very similar to Twitter

It is not new that Facebook imitate winning formulas, that is why it was a matter of time to do something like Twitter, social network the second largest in the world that has won him many respects. This week, the portal Business Insider revealed that Facebook is preparing an application like Twitter news. This new […]

Time Sheet Portal To Help Your Business Work

When we run a business or do some work on it, we need help from other sources like software or application. It’s a regular thing in this digital era. We live in an era where cell phone, internet and online application is everything. And one of the most recommended software you should get is Time […]

Facebook thinks dabble in music

And it was clear that Facebook wants to maximize its more than 1450 million users and do not want to leave any field in the air, we know that 70% of videos uploaded to Facebook are made directly and that music is a “niche” quite profitable and easily you can put a face to YouTube, […]

70% of videos uploaded to Facebook are made directly

When we all thought that the battle of the videos on the Internet had gained YouTube (and far), Facebook is put front and fall. A recent Fortune magazine found that 70% of videos uploaded to Facebook is made directly, not through YouTube as they used to do before. Which it is a 25% growth since […]