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Triviador World, strategy and trivia

For lovers of the game of questions and answers, and strategy games comes “Triviador World”, a game already known in Facebook that comes in its mobile version, which is already generating buzz. Triviador World is a simple game that is premised on the trivia, you play online against other players, plus the option to invite […]

Twitter allows you to play games with just one tweet

Twitter not fall asleep and after their big loss social redo the blue bird makes a fun option for its millions of users. Now tweeting the name of a video game from a list, you can play it instantly. All games are classics of yesteryear to secure more than one spent hours in front of […]

Amazon prepares game console

While Sony announced the official launch of its own PlayStation 4 and Microsoft with its Xbox One, appears an unexpected competitor. The website that specializes in video games Game Informer, just ensure the company is preparing a new video game console, the system would work with Android and launched on 29 May (famous “Black […]

A Source of Information about Poker Game

These days, people can find many ways of which can help them to experience exactly the same thing as been offered by realistic object or entity. We speak about online casino here, one entity which able to give the same pleasure as been given by physical casino building. What I meant by that sentence refers […]