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Samsung introduces the Galaxy Alpha

Today the South Korean company has surprised more than one and presented without announcing the new Galaxy Alpha, a new smart phone “Galaxy” range that has as its main characteristic being metal, the first of its kind. Samsung says the Galaxy Alpha is built to satisfy a market sector that seeks to combine beauty and […]

Xiaomi Mi4

Today the city of Beijing was the scene of the launch of the smartphone “Xiaomi Mi4“, which aims to be the flagship Chinese company Xiaomi which aims to compete with Samsung and Apple. The Xiaomi Mi4 striking for its model, this is a smartphone from 5 inches having a metal stainless steel rim and plastic […]

Galaxy Apps, the new Samsung App Store

If you have a mobile device from the Samsung Galaxy range point attention which may interest you. The South Korean technology giant has just launched its new app store “Galaxy Apps”, so that users of its Galaxy range can access hundreds of applications from their mobile devices directly without going through the Google store. Samsung […]

Blackphone, an “anti-spyware” mobile

Today wiretapping is fashionable, that is why all mobile devices that offer security are having some success. This is the case of the blackphone, known as mobile “anti-spyware“. This new mobile concept was created by the Spanish company Geekphone and Silent Circle, the latter is the company founded by Phil Zimmermannm, the creator of the […]

Google presents its new Android

Today the city of San Francisco (USA) captured the eyes of all the technological eyes, as the developers conference called “keynote” where technology giant Google reveal to us your important news about Android was held. The importance of Android Google’s Android OS is now the most widely used on mobile devices, with over one billion […]

A new MacBook Air this summer?

The MacBook Air has been updated in April with new processors and a slightly more affordable price. Apple does, however, have not finished, and the firm would even keep a big asset in the elbow. According to sources close to the industry, Quanta Computer would be working on a new model with a 12-inch screen, […]

Aviate is available for final version of Android

Android is undoubtedly the most open mobile platform. Proof is there on the Play Store dozens and dozens of launchers to change its appearance and behavior. The most popular early this year, is undoubtedly amazing Aviate and this is probably what has led him to be acquired by Yahoo in January. Or indeed, if you […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 4: Specification on the go

As everyone knows, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be presented at IFA 2014, in September. Rather to the beginning, and probably a few days before the famous Berlin show opens its doors. Of course, rumors are rife for some months now, and the phenomenon is expected to significantly grow in the coming weeks. Here, […]