Call forwarding as a business tool

Local businesses have used for many years and for many reasons. The most common reasons for using a relay service calls: a local presence in an area to provide service to improve customer service telephone call forwarding during the lunch time or when all lines are busy, and the centralization of the calls. For example, a company serving customers in Los Angeles and New York have a local phone number in Los Angeles and a local phone number in New York, and an 800 number. People, who live in Los Angeles, call to reach these numbers or a toll free number to the company. While the local phone number or can not connect to an office in the city, the applicant has the impression that a company called Los Angeles because of the local number. This type of call forwarding service is often used to locate a business.

Another common reason for transferring a call, the customer service is improved. For example, if you are one of the main branches and smaller ones, it makes sense to set call forwarding to the main forum in which representatives of the sector are not available or on a phone. Some companies completely ignore the local representative and call forwarding service for all local calls lead to a central call center. These local strategies work well and are relatively easy to configure.

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